Mijia DC Inverter Pro – the new fan for the upcoming hot season

Xiaomi has unveiled the new Mijia DC Inverter Pro fan, known for its silent operation and low energy consumption.

The fan’s quiet performance is achieved with an inverter motor that operates at a noise level of just 26.8 dB. Its design features seven blades that ensure an even flow of cool air. The fan can simulate eight natural wind modes, making you feel like you’re outdoors.

Mijia DC Inverter Pro fan size

Another key feature is its ability to power from an external battery. Simply connect the fan to a compatible power bank and enjoy a cool breeze, a handy feature when you can't plug the fan into an outlet.

The Mijia DC Inverter Pro boasts a minimalist design with white color typical to the MiOT ecosystem. The fan is only 8.7 cm thick. It can be controlled via touch buttons on the body, a remote control included in the package, Bluetooth, and even voice commands.

The fan comes in a black polypropylene case, making it easy to store and transport safely.

Mijia DC Inverter Pro fan case