The company «MiOT» was founded in February 1994 and is positioned on market as a company that offers a high-quality equipment and consumables, establishes and implements integrated IT solutions that ensure the effective operation of the customer's business.

IT-solutions «MiOT» is based on the latest information technology, international quality standards and modern techniques of organization and management of IT assets of the customers' enterprise, including its organizational structure and business processes.

We are offering you unique solutions for the construction and development of structured cabling systems, local and wide area data networks, monitoring systems and management of IT infrastructure, fault-tolerant server platforms for data processing and storage, systems for business processes control and support of management decisions, as well as to ensure service on a «24h7×365» principle.

30 years of experience in the IT market, our clients are representing different sectors of the economy:
— state;
— financial;
— industrial;
— private, and many others;

We have been repeatedly awarded and thanked for the professionalism and expertise;
We have opened representative offices in almost all regions of the country.
We have all the necessary licenses, certificates, and permits for the creation of information systems, data centers, implementation of information protection systems and security systems.

Company’s team includes more than 200 specialists that are ready under your order to develop a solution of any level of complexity, which can allow your company to significantly reduce costs and increase revenues, to provide a constant access to all information sources of the company, as well as to provide an opportunity of rebuilding the information system in accordance with active business processes.

The company «MiOT» is an official partner of brands such as Xiaomi, Mijia, MiHome, ZMi, 1MORE, Yi, XGiMi, Roborock, MADV, KingMi, RoidMi, RunMi, VioMi, Yeelight, ZSH, AmazFit, Aqara, Ninebot and Cisco, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Juniper, Intel, Oracle, HP, DELL, LG, Samsung, Xerox, ASUS, APC, Apple, Epson, and many many others.

The «MiOT» is your reliable wholesaler!

Key activities of the company «MiOT»:
— Supply of equipment and consumables: almost all global well-recognized manufacturers. We have direct contracts with vendors.
— Infrastructure systems for buildings and campuses: structured cabling systems; TV systems (including IP TV); communication systems; automation of publications (including «smart house»); master clock system; loudspeaker intercom systems; installation of radio systems; systems of technological grounding.
— Network and telecommunication systems: telecommunication centers of enterprises; telecommunication network data transmission of corporate and industrial grade, by using all available resources and advanced technologies of data transmission; active network equipment; PBX; video conferencing system.
— Complex technical security: video surveillance systems, security alarm systems; warning systems, monitoring systems, and access control.
— Fire protection of buildings: fire alarm; automatic fire extinguishing; smoke removal; lightning protection; monitoring system of explosive concentrations of the fuel gas.
— Data centers: data processing systems, storage and backing up of data; systems for protection of information; consolidation of IT infrastructure, implementation of virtualization, construction of engineering infrastructure.
— IT-management infrastructure: systems of technical support for users of Service Desk, a creation of management systems of IT infrastructure.
— Service-Oriented IT environment of the enterprise: the creation of a corporate SOA-environment and implementation of platforms for corporate additions and integration of business processes; creation of corporate e-mail systems.
— Implementation of hardware and software systems for enterprise management systems: the creation of solutions out of the integration processes of business and information systems, implementation and support of the DBMS Oracle, implementation of ERP-systems.
— Document management: the creation of corporate electronic archives; electronic document management.


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